Home of the Original TREG Poly Block Coupling (BEWARE OF NON APPROVED COPIES !!!)

Back in 1947, Gordon J Tregoning started making trailers. It wasn’t long after this that he recognised a problem with trailer products on the market:  “they weren’t suited to the Australian terrain customers were driving on”.

His solution? Gordon pioneered the original TREG Poly Block Coupling to make towing easier. With safety a key factor, Gordon designed a unique style coupling suitable for the roughest of Australian roads, for all types of vehicles.

The result? A far superior coupling compared to regular ball couplings that are more likely to eject.


Polly Block Coupling 3.5 Ton Weld

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ADR Approved TREG Poly Block Coupling’s made here in our Hardys Road Factory, Underdale, South Australia.

Beware of copies and cheap imports as they have not been approved ADR (Australian Design Rules) tested and approved.

TREG Poly Block Coupling Advantages

Do you like to drive off the bitumen? Do you tow your camper trailer on uneven, gravel roads? Do you travel down narrow tracks, over water or creeks? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you’re going to need a TREG Poly Block Coupling to keep you safe on this terrain.

Polly Block Coupling Detachable "U" and Spring Pin

Detachable “U” and Spring Pin
Poly Block weld on coupling
(3 Tonne Capacity)

Treg Poly Block Trailer Couplings are:

  • Designed and ADR approved made in Australia for over 60 years
  • A must for 4WDs and tractors towing all types of trailers in rough terrain:
    • Camper trailers
    • Storage trailers
    • Mining Use
    • Farm trailers
    • Agricultural use
    • Government Departments
    • Defence Force applications

Treg Poly Block Couplings Give:

  • Unique 360° rotation
    Polly Block Coupling (2 Tonne) Hydraulic Override

    (2 Tonne) Hydraulic Override
    Poly Block Coupling

  • Silent ride
  • 70° of vertical oscillation
  • Safety


  • Detachable ‘U’ and Spring Pin
  • Poly block weld on coupling
  • 3 tonne capacity
  • Choice of override or hydraulic override brake
  • Optional 3.5 tonne (heavy duty) unit available (agricultural use)
*** Treg Trailers Pty Ltd cannot accept responsibility for product performance should the product be altered or combined with non standard parts and accessories that are outside of the manufacturer’s specification. ***